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November gardening jobs to tackle this autumn

Autumn is coming to a close and the nights are drawing in, but there are still some November gardening jobs to tackle now. Get organised now so that your garden stays looking good over the winter. It will also ensure that everything is healthy and ready to thrive come spring.

Here are some November gardening jobs that will keep your garden looking good

Clear fallen leaves

Clearing fallen leaves seems like a never-ending job at this time of year. However, it's an important task, as wet leaves can be a slip hazard on decks and paths. Fallen leaves on your lawn can kill off patches too, so it is well worth raking these up. This will ensure your lawn gets plenty of light and air over winter. Fallen leaves can also harbour pests and diseases so clear them from garden borders as much as possible.

Once you have collected your leaves you can put them in old compost bags or black sacks with a few holes in and leave them over winter. This will provide you with a wonderful leaf mould to use as a mulch next autumn.

Keep on top of lawn care

Lawn care is another important November gardening job. Even though summer is long gone, if the temperatures are mild, your grass will continue to grow. Keep mowing the lawn as long as the ground is not waterlogged or frozen. Don’t cut it too short as it needs to be left a little longer to cope with winter weather. Trim back the edges to keep the garden tidy and keep paths and stepping stones clear so they don’t become muddy and slippery.

Plant tulips

November is the ideal month to plant tulips as the ground is cool and moist. Planting them now will ensure a spectacular show next spring. Plant tulips at three times the height of the bulb. If you have any other spring bulbs that you’ve not managed to get in the ground yet, do this as soon as possible so you get flowers in spring.

Tidy beds and borders

As the last of your herbaceous plants die back in your flower beds it’s a great time for a tidy up.

If some perennials have spread too much and taken over the border it’s a good time to dig up the excess to keep them under control. November is also a good time to rearrange your border. If you have plants that are growing taller than expected or not doing very well in the space, you can move them now. November is also a great time to plant shrubs to add structure and colour to your garden.

Once the borders are organised, and you have completed any planting and weeding, give beds and borders a mulch to protect plants over the winter and provide a source of slow-release food. You can mulch with compost, bark or leaf mould.

Lift Dahlia tubers

Dahlias should be lifted after the first frost when the foliage has blackened and died. If left in the ground, there is a high chance that Dahlias won’t survive the winter. Dig up the tubers and cut off all the growth. Leave the tubers in a dry place such as a shed or greenhouse to drain. Then plant the tubers in a pot of dry compost and keep in a frost-free place.

Prune trees

November is the perfect time to prune trees in the garden. Pruning fruit trees will make them more productive. Other trees may need pruning if the branches are becoming crowded. Good tree maintenance will ensure enough air and light reaches the branches to prevent disease. You may also want to cut back trees that are outgrowing their space or creating too much shade in the garden.

Feed the birds

As winter approaches, birds begin to struggle to find enough food. One of the most important November gardening jobs is to create a feeding station to support local birdlife. This will make a lovely focus in the garden over winter as you watch the different birds come and go.

You can install a bird table or bird feeder and provide high-fat foods such as fat balls and seeds which will sustain the birds through winter. Remember to clean the feeding station regularly to discourage pests and reduce the risk of disease. Also, make sure your feeding station is near a bush or tree so that birds can hide if predators approach.

Care for your pots

Pots can dry out in periods of fine weather even in winter, especially if they are sheltered by walls or overhanging roofs. Large plants also create an umbrella effect which means rain runs off them onto the ground rather than into the pot.  Check them every couple of weeks to make sure the compost is moist. It is also wise to lift pots with pot feet or old tiles or bricks to prevent the base of the pot from freezing.

Harvest and plant veg

If you like to keep your vegetable garden going over winter now is a great time to plant garlic, onions, shallots and broad beans. You may have winter veg such as cabbage, brussels sprouts and celeriac to harvest, too.

Have a bonfire

November is the perfect time to have a bonfire. You can burn garden waste such as perennial weeds and thorny prunings. Make sure you only burn dry material, so you do not create a lot of smoke. Be sure to take all necessary safety precautions and consider your neighbours. Also, remember to check for hedgehogs before lighting a bonfire.

Once you have completed the November gardening jobs you can be sure your garden will look its best through winter and be ready when spring arrives.

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