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Tunbridge Wells Gardener with expert local knowledge

Tunbridge Wells is often described as the garden of England. It is a place that is rich in gardening and agricultural history. If you are lucky enough to live in this charming town, set amid rolling scenery, then you may be inspired to create a stunning garden of your own. If you need some help, we can provide a Tunbridge Wells Gardener with the expert local knowledge to ensure your plans are a success.

Tunbridge Wells climate

With the rich soil and mild weather, you can grow a wide variety of plants in your Tunbridge Wells garden. The southern climate suits an array of shrubs and flowers, especially if you have a sunny patch in your plot. You could also do your bit for local wildlife by creating a wildflower garden featuring the many varieties of wildflowers that grow locally.

If you prefer a tropical look, the mild climate makes this area suitable for palm trees, fatsia japonica, bamboo, arum lilies and many more lush and colourful plants that will create a tropical feel.

Growing fruit and vegetables

Many fruits and vegetables thrive in the Tunbridge Wells area, from the well-known, such as raspberries and asparagus, to more old fashioned varieties such as cob nuts and quince. All the usual veg, from potatoes to peas grow well here too.

Of course, Kent is famous for its apple orchards. A traditional apple variety can be grafted onto a small rootstock so you can have a Kent apple tree in even a small garden. You could also follow the lead of many successful local vineyards and grow your own grapes for winemaking.

Tunbridge Wells Gardener

How Full Potential gardeners can help

If you need some assistance in making your garden glorious, we can help. At Full Potential, our local experts know just what will thrive in the climate and soil conditions of this part of Kent. Your very own Tunbridge Wells gardener can help with everything from landscape design to planting and regular maintenance.

The following are just a sample of our services.

Our skilled gardeners have a passion for gardens as well as a professional and friendly attitude. Though we are experts in our field, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at our competitive rates. So, give us a call today on 07508 759 064 for a quote.

At Full Potential, we can provide a full range of gardening services. So, whatever you are looking for, call us on 07508 759 064 for advice tailored specifically to your Tunbridge Wells garden.

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